Are BBW’s More Likely To Get into Anal Sex?

February 11th, 2010

This is a question which I’ve pondered over a bit but as I mainly only go with BBW women or at least thick girls, then I don’t really know the answer.
Are BBW’s more likely to get into Anal Sex?

In my experience, most of the Asian Plumpers I go with are into it. My first experience with anal, was with a girl called Sindy whom I dated quite seriously when I was 23. I was experienced with sex and with Sindy it was good but not great … because no matter what I did, she could not orgasm! I could eat her out, suck her nipples, grind and fuck for hours and she enjoyed it but simply, didn’t cum. She couldn’t even masturbate herself to orgasm.

Sindy wasn’t a huge girl but she did have a good sized belly and ass … and not bad tits either. She was from Singapore originally and mixed, even with a bit Indian in her. I was in a position that I loved, spooning with her and we were having a bit of a rub up and down with her big, smooth ass against my cock and my hands on her round belly and tits. My cock was rubbing up and down her shaved crack tickling her vagina lips and clit. She turned around and said “You know what we’re about to do right?” …. Erm, I though we were just going to fuck … “I want to try it.”. So she ran to the bathroom to get something to lube (I can’t remember but it was probably moisturizer or something). It took a bit work but I got in on this position and started to fuck her slowly, as she started moaning. I lived her around to reverse cowgirl, taking her whole weight, reaching around to stroke her pussy with my cock deep in her virgin asshole. Obviously, her pussy was spread wide and I couldn’t believe it, it was absolutely dripping wet. More than I’d ever had with her. She’s moaning and grinding like crazy.
I only fucked her ass for a few more minutes before cumming, I was so turned on. My thighs and hands were soaked with her pussy juices. She rolled off and went off to the bathroom. She came back and was elated, almost on a high. “Gosh, that was the best ever … maybe I’m one of these “ass girls” she said sweetly. From that point on, I got my head into her pussy whenever I could – and we almos never fucked in her pussy, it was all in her ass which she loved – and so did I!

That was the beginning (I bet you never knew I could write porn!) … most of the Asian BBW girls I’ve been with, are up for doing anal sex but my friends say most girls, really aren’t !?!

Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?

February 10th, 2010

163560.large 300x199 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?

“Having big tits can be an advantage for these big girls especially this one, she’s very cute and has an innocent appeal, but deep underneath she’s kinky that’s only looking for a man to be able to put in extra hours to satisfy her. Lucky for her she’s got some guys that are willing to put in work to make that pussy wet and happy. Watch as she gets fucked by vibrators, sucks two cocks like a true champ, gets facials to the face and gets fucked hardcore style. With those tits that she has, she can titty fuck any cock she pleases and she’s damn good at it!”

Wow. I didn’t know this stuff existed until this week but there is a huge fetish in Japan for fat Japanese girls, to the point that there are many Japanese girls, specifically eating to get fat for these men. This means there are simply some of the cutest BBW Asian chicks ever.
I think this girl is one of the cutest and prettiest fat Asian babes (FAB’s) I’ve ever seen.

The downside of watching most Japanese porn is that the pussy and insertion shots are pixilated but strangely enough not the anus or anything going into it (!?!) but for me, it’s all about the overall body shape of the model and this girls body is hot. She’s actually really big and fat but it’s not distributed in as many rolls as some smaller girls, but just an immense big body. Can you imagine that ass sitting on your face? I can!

The DVD is actually called “Large Tits and Hip Beauty 2″ (still trying to find number 1) but it’s really a BBW movie. I think she looks only about 18-19 so you just know those tits and hips will get bigger!

Watch this DVD if you can. You can just watch some scenes from it on Video on Demand, streaming or download. I found the download is better quality but really the VOD is so easy for a quickie!

1364042.3.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364042.4.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364046.1.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364046.3.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364051.1.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364051.2.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364079.1.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364079.5.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?

Supersized Chinese-American Here!

February 6th, 2010

“Hey Fellas
I’m Kris, from Denver. I’m 30, 5ft 3 and 250lb give or take. A large Chinese take-out here … often sweet and occassionally sour but always spicy and hot!
I’m looking for some fun. I’m in a relationship but got permission to play (alone) with select men. Ideally aged 30-55, fit, good looking and clean … and lots of energy.
I’m very very oral and love to suck as well as have you go down on me.
Also into mutual masturbation, toys/vibrators, massage and lots of fucking. Ideally a regular guy or two just for good times and of course, you must appreciate a very large girl with plenty to be stroked.
Email me at
Muuah. Kris”

dd29 175x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd30 123x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd31 120x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd33 179x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd37 214x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd35 300x225 Supersized Chinese American Here!

Fat Asian Girl on You Tube Treat!

February 5th, 2010

This is a bit of a treat! This Chubby Asian girl came up when I was surfing around Youtube so it’s always nice to get a surprise. I’d love to see more of her (and you know which parts I mean) but those big boobs, fat belly and jiggly bits, you know that’s the sort of fat asian babe that should be on this site!

Teedra Diora – Fat Filipino First Time Modeling

February 5th, 2010

Mmmmm-mmmmm – Teedra is a girl which was made for this site, Filipino born in the USA, this 5ft 7 (quite tall), 28 yr old stunner is pushing up to 200lb and it’s all in the curves.

She answered an ad for models on Asian American Girls – the only site that seems to go searching for this type of model!

Teedra is from

There are two sets of this BBW Filipino chick on the site and we’re still waiting on information from her. All we know is that she works in a shopping mall in Las Vegas … I’m dying to find out as I’m in Sin City fairly often. Actually, it seems like Vegas, which let’s face it, is practically Asian with the massive amount of them living there, IS the place to go for FAT ASIAN BABES!!!

The lovely BBW, Teedra Diora ! 207x300 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time 188x300 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time 200x300 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time 204x300 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time 300x198 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time Modeling

Stop Press : Asian American Girls Reduces it’s Pricing!

February 5th, 2010

My favourite site Asian American Girls has dropped it’s prices to only $24.95 a month! For that price, join for a month, download all their chubby content and it’s an asbolute bargain! I don’t know any other company which is shooting Asian fat girls, that I love, so please support them!

I’ve added a new category on this site so you can easily see the fat asian babes, that appear on Asian American Girls

Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!

January 29th, 2010

Hey, I wouldn’t normally call someone an “attention slut” but this sexy, nurse is into swinging, into exhibitionism and loves gang bangs … and she was the one who brought up that name!

I haven’t been to many swingers parties, I’ve been to a few clubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco which were cool-ish but I haven’t really got into the scene much. Well I might have to know, after seeing this babe!

She’s 39, she loves “Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Rimming, Light Bondage, Spanking, Role Playing, Threesomes, Mutual Masturbation, Making Home “Films”, Participating in Erotic Photography, Voyeurism, Blindfolds, Leather, Massage” … which sounds like she’s into everything!

At a tiny 5ft 2inch, with those curves, it’s the perfect gangbang slut icon smile Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!

fb4 300x225 Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!fb5 224x300 Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!fb6 164x300 Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!fb8 224x300 Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!fb9 224x300 Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!fb3 300x225 Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!fb2 300x225 Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!fb1 300x225 Chubby Asian Attention Slut from Swingers Site!

Ok, Back and Ready to Bring you Chubby Asian Babes

January 29th, 2010

Ok, this is the final time I will say this … but “I am back!”
No more neglection of this website because I’m too busy … I need to get more chubby Asian girls out there and then maybe, we can get more of them to send photos into me!

Kelly Shibari … BBW Busty Japanese-American Model & my new crush!

August 30th, 2009

kelly.pk1004 200x300 Kelly Shibari ... BBW Busty Japanese American Model & my new crush!

Kelly Shibari is my official new favorite model. Actually, I’ve always thought she was awesome and I just wish there were more adult performers like Kelly but after I met her 3 weeks ago at the Internext show in Florida, and found out what a sweet and gorgeous individual (and even managed a hug!) from her, I’m even more smitten. Smitten enough, to make her the official, Fat Asian Babes Favorite Model and I’ll be trying to find as much on her as I can.

Kelly is a 30-something year old Japanese-Irish model. She’s appeared in a number of hardcore DVD’s of which I aim to be featuring here in the next few weeks and been on a load of hot sites but of course, I’m going to start with my favorite site, Asian American Girls where she features in two great sets, showing all her ASSets including that beautifully shaven tight pussy and the expansive Asian bottom.

kelly.pk1024 200x300 Kelly Shibari ... BBW Busty Japanese American Model & my new crush!kelly.pk1048 219x300 Kelly Shibari ... BBW Busty Japanese American Model & my new crush!kelly.pk1056 300x213 Kelly Shibari ... BBW Busty Japanese American Model & my new crush!kelly.pk1068 194x300 Kelly Shibari ... BBW Busty Japanese American Model & my new crush!

See more Asian BBW Models only here

Where have I been? China!!!

August 30th, 2009

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to update the blog for the last few weeks but I’ve been in China (yeah I do have a day job) working and checking out what’s going on. It’s been a few years since I’ve been here and I have to report, the girls are getting even sexier. In the past, they’ve been very shy and demure … and many girls, I’ve found to not really make the most of themselves in terms of clothes, make-up and hair, well believe me, it’s all changed and these are some of the best girls I’ve seen in Asia!

Also the changing diets in China and the fact, that in many of the cities I’ve visited like Shanghai and Beijing, means the girls are thicker and bigger than ever, I’ve seen some huge assed and big titted Chinese stunners here but unfortunately dates have been a bit thin on the ground as I wasn’t able to get out much.

However, it is somewhere I would like to get back and investigate. The shame is I don’t think I’d be able to take any snaps as the laws seem fairly stringent here and I don’t want to get anyone into trouble … but I will be in Thailand, Japan and the Philippines this year and maybe able to get some snaps there, I’ve just invested in a new camera so should be able to make some improvements.

You should see some new updates, I’ve been scouring around for hot fat asian girls and I’ve a few lined up in the next few weeks for a date … you never know!

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