Kya Tropic … Juicy Filipino Starbucks Server!

May 14th, 2010

kay1.wanton.003 205x300 Kya Tropic ... Juicy Filipino Starbucks Server!kay1.wanton.044 214x300 Kya Tropic ... Juicy Filipino Starbucks Server!

Not as big as I really like them but in the absence of much Asian BBW porn, you have to take what you can get … and it’s usually these juicy Filipino girls that draw my attention. Don’t get me wrong, if I came across her in Starbucks where she works part-time (she’s a USC student the rest of the time) I’d certainly be eyeing on her booty and tits but visually I like a girl with about 50 more lbs!

Kya is based in LA, she’s 21 and 5ft 3 and 135 lbs. She claims she’s always shaved her pussy as she prefers the feel of it rubbing against her panties and a wet tongue getting on it. She’s only been with three guys but also states she’s a freak but hasn’t been able to do all the things she’s fantasised about as the guys she was with were pretty dull – so she’s looking for someone to bring out the freak on her big tits, fat booty and sweet smooth pussy.
kay1.wanton.060 300x202 Kya Tropic ... Juicy Filipino Starbucks Server!kay1.wanton.080 199x300 Kya Tropic ... Juicy Filipino Starbucks Server!
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kay1.wanton.090 300x199 Kya Tropic ... Juicy Filipino Starbucks Server!

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5 Responses to “Kya Tropic … Juicy Filipino Starbucks Server!”

  1. alphard Says:

    Love this babe…

  2. Justin Says:

    I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world, my wife looks just like Kya Tropic. Not just resembles, but like a twin. She has been asked in public if she is Kya Tropic…

  3. matt Says:

    Most beautiful woman on earth!!!!

  4. Oral Nut Says:

    Wish I was in LA I would satisfy her every Fantasy and see just hoe “Freaky” she could get No Hole Barred

  5. Oral Nut Says:

    Super Gorgeous

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