I’m back!

March 10th, 2011

I don’t want to give too much personal info. away but I’ve been back and without too much of a connection to the internet.  My mailboxes were over-flowing with calls for more fat asian babes when I checked them so I hope to deliver!   It seems like there isn’t too much new professional type content out there but there are LOTS of really cute looking girls around, more than ever I think.

Here’s a girl I’ve been spending a little on-off time with.  We’re kinda like fuck-buddies – she’s totally my type, shy but an animal in bed.  She’s Chinese from Hong Kong (lots of chubby Chinese girls there) and lives with her family, so we meet in my hotel … of and she was a virgin until a few months ago icon wink Im back!

This is Mai, she’s 30 but looks closer to 22/23 ish.  Has a sweeeet pussy with just a smattering of natural hair that’s untouched and naturally smooth lips and ass.  Nice tits, great mouth, I’d say about 290lb and she’s a squirter!

Sorry about the quality, I need to get the new Iphone 4 for better video/photo caps.  I’m back in the USA now – and horny – so watch out!

mai1 300x225 Im back!  mai2 300x225 Im back!  mai3 300x224 Im back!

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4 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. bbw in KL Says:

    I’m a Chinese BBW in KL. I would love a few more of you here! Get in touch!

  2. Fred Says:

    Hi I am in KL,I would like to meet you,here`s my mobile call me at any time as soon as you get this email..0108052757

  3. Danny Says:

    I lobe chubby lady, I m young abd love to serve bbw lady. Drop me a line if u interest in more

  4. Bobby Says:

    Would love to eat your pussy, baby

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