“Hey everyone, Hope you love my BBW body!”

August 12th, 2009

“Hey everyone,
Great to see that there are lovers of girls like me, sometimes I find it hard to meet guys around college or work as they seem intimidated to talk to larger girls.
I’m a 22 yr old, Korean girl from a very traditional family, so I’m NEVER going to show my face photos so please don’t ask. However, I would like to show some of my other ASSets!
I live in San Diego, I’ve never had sex with a guy (or a girl) but I like to dress up sexy sometimes and play with myself. I’ve shaved my pussy a few times and like it like that but generally leave it hairy, as I’m too lazy.

I’m a geek, a student and I work for Starbucks. I’m 5ft 5 and 290lb DD. Actually I can go between 270 and 290 week to week.
Hope you like these, I’m playing with myself knowing hot guys will see them.”
Love Sunny

sunny1033 Hey everyone, Hope you love my BBW body!sunny1034 Hey everyone, Hope you love my BBW body!sunny1035 Hey everyone, Hope you love my BBW body!sunny1036 Hey everyone, Hope you love my BBW body!

“Everybody Loves An Asian Girl”

July 24th, 2009

love asian girl tshirt Everybody Loves An Asian Girl

“Thanks for your email, and I LOVE your site. It’s good to see that there are guys not afraid to show there love of different body types. I’m a 5ft 11, 180lb Korean girl and most Korean guys think I’m too big for them. I’ve enjoyed looking at the hot girls here and if your readers ask I might try and make some photos for you!
Peace out! Alli”.

Maybe we should get our own tshirts … “Everyone Love a Fat Asian Girl”

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