Pretty Thick Hawaiian Chick … I’m a poet!

July 22nd, 2009

Aloha! Alooooha!
That’s her name so you can guess where she comes from, yes little Miss Chubby Hawaii, is Aloha and she features only on Fat Asian Girls on Asian American one of my favorite sites, if you hadn’t guessed already!

This 26 yr old Hawaiian girl lives on the beautiful island of Maui, which I visited only once before … and there are some fat beauties out there. The great thing about Hawaii and the Hawaiian girls, is often they celebrate their size and thickness, you’ll see them on the beach wearing skimpy bikini’s their rolls and bellies, oiled and glistening and you’ll find them in the clubs. I’ve been told the girls get big out here because of the diets and if you ever go for a Hawaiian plate lunch, you’ll see why.

Aloha has about six sets and videos on Asian American and this is from her first set, I’ll show some from her other sets also but I like these a lot with the natural look, a nice curvy ass and a belly I just want to grab.

Not BBW but nice and thick, Aloha … Mahalo!

aloha30231 207x300 Pretty Thick Hawaiian Chick ... Im a poet!aloha30601 300x199 Pretty Thick Hawaiian Chick ... Im a poet!

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