My Obsession with Fat Asian Girls

Is it an obsession or just merely a preference?   I’ve always liked girls with a bit more meat on their bones so will occasionally deviate but really, all I’m interested in, is having sex with chubby Asian women … age doesn’t matter, from 18 year old slightly thick girls to a 30 year old fat Korean girl or even a 55 year old BBW Chinese MILF, I love them all.

It helps, that I’m a single white guy in his mid-30′s who travels across the USA and knows how to meet these Asian chubby chicks.   Some people say that fat girls have low self-esteem so are easier to pick up but I haven’t really experienced that, what I do know, is if you play it right and are cool, you’ll never have as much great sex as with the fat Asian babes, I’ve met across the USA on my travels.  Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Indonesians, Singaporeans, Thais, Malays and even an Indian BBW.

I noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a site dedicated for this, or for people like me who only are looking for fat Asian girls, so I started my own.  I’ll show you my favorite chubby asian porn sites, also personal photos of chubby girls I’ve met and fucked as well as try and keep up with my diary.  I’ll also show YOU how you can meet similar girls.

So if your a fan of fat asian girls also, please come back and leave a message, there aren’t that many of us out there!

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Fat Asian Babes - BBW and Chubby Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai Naked!