Lovely 25 year old Asian American Chubby Babe!

February 25th, 2010

3christina064 Lovely 25 year old Asian American Chubby Babe!

I just checked and I thought I’d added Christina to the site already! You’ve probably seen her in the graphic at the top of this site but the only place on the web I’ve seen her is on … of course … Asian American Girls.

Christina was a student in Oregon when her sister also posed for the site and suggested that she also do it! Maybe we’ll get to see her sister here also but she’s not as chubby as the older Christine.

Let’s face it, you know when a girl strips and she’s got a pierced nipple, pierced tongue perfectly smooth shaved pussy and loves to show off her large ass and big belly – that’s she’s a keeper! I’d love to get with this girl, what a babe.

Christine is a Chinese-American girl, 5ft 5 and about 150lb (her driving license says 130 … but I don’t see it!). She’s really into foreplay with a lot of tongue action and loves her “boobies being licked and touched” and likes fucking the most to get her to orgasm.

There is a killer video of her on the site, fucking herself with a nice sized dildo but the best part of it, is just watching her talking and seeing how “real” she is and what a cutie she’d be to hang out with!
Chubby Chinese Asian American Girl – at her Best!

3christina001 199x300 Lovely 25 year old Asian American Chubby Babe!3christina024 199x300 Lovely 25 year old Asian American Chubby Babe!3christina048 199x300 Lovely 25 year old Asian American Chubby Babe!3christina081 199x300 Lovely 25 year old Asian American Chubby Babe!

SSBBW Islander looking to meet! Hello … Bueno!

February 22nd, 2010

Wow … check out this stunner. She’s from Guam, an island that I have yet to visit and yes I know Islanders and Polynesians don’t strictly fit into the Asian grouping but as far as this website goes – to celebrate BBW Asian type chicks, then they do!

HelloBueno is a SSBBW who know’s how beautiful she is and is proud of her looks and size. We need more girls like this! Gosh, if only she’d model and do some photoshoots somewhere.

Hello Bueno, my Polynesian Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman! Are you ready?

Kelly Shibari : The Stats! All about her.

February 16th, 2010

This info about my favourite chubby Asian sexy pornstar, Kelly Shibari, was found in AVN Magazine.

“Kelly is in her own wors, “a mold breaking adult Industry professional” and we could not agree more. She has multiple college degrees, a Mensa-level IQ and didn’t come from a broken home. (“My parents are wonderful and are still happily married, I had a great childhood and mainstain a wonderful relationship with both of them.”) Even better, she owns her own power tools and knows how to use them.
She’s a former PC girl turned Mac geek, a gadget addict and has a penchant for techno-geek steampunk.
She also speaks at adult industry conferences on the use of social media and branding. She is, in realityu, a Renaissance woman who can take care of herself in public … but looks for guidance and control in her personal life from another, which is why she’s happy as a submissive.
As a performer and a self-proclaimed, “glutton for life experiences”, Kelly practices what she calls “intelligent hedonism” – she won’t do anything that causes harm to herself or others – and is particularly interested in the art of kinbaku and shibari.

Age: 37 (Dec 2009)
Birth Date : Sept 9
Sign : Virgo, which explains my Type A personality and my slight OCD!
Measurements : 47-36-48 (42F cup) WOW!
Height : 5ft 7

Myspace page :
Website URL :

Piercings : None
Favourite Band : NIN, Saliva, Depeche Mode, Journey, Foreigner, Jimmy Buffett and Hall & Oates (yeah, yeah, leave me alone haha)
Favourite Actor : Anyone playing James Bond expect Lazenby and Dalton.
Favourite Actress : Ann-Margret
Favourite Food : Japanese, obviously icon smile Kelly Shibari : The Stats!  All about her.
Best first date : Someplace quiet, dark and cozy.
Favourite Position : Any as long as I feel “talen” and swept away.
Favourite Sex Toy : My Mind.
Dislikes : Liars, cheats, those who prey on the weak and opportunistic manipulators.
Likes: People who can think for themselves and work on bettering themselves.
Special talents : Bilingual Japanese and English.

Little-known fact : I went to college when I was 16. I don’t have a high-school diploma because I was admitted to college early. And I got into porn because I didn’t want to do the bar scene when single, not because of the money!

You can see more of Kelly Shibari at or by clicking the category “Kelly Shibari” on the left panel!

kelly.pk1070 Kelly Shibari : The Stats!  All about her.

Teen Laotian BBW Looking For Hook-ups/Sex

February 13th, 2010

Now this is exactly why I run this website!
This was in the mail box today, thanking me for running this site and wanting to post her pics!

Kay is a 19 yr old girl from Laos living in California. She describes herself as shy at first but then really gets freaky, in the morning, the afternoon and at night. She loves sex, just into guys and looking to meet them of all ages.
She’s a perfect 5ft 2, large girl with a nice 40D bra size. Who says there aren’t real Asian plumper girls out there to play with!

Leave her some fan mail on this site.
Awesome. Thanks honey, love to see some more of you!

nineteem24 225x300 Teen Laotian BBW Looking For Hook ups/Sexnineteem25 300x225 Teen Laotian BBW Looking For Hook ups/Sexnineteem26 300x225 Teen Laotian BBW Looking For Hook ups/Sexnineteem28 300x288 Teen Laotian BBW Looking For Hook ups/Sex

Are BBW’s More Likely To Get into Anal Sex?

February 11th, 2010

This is a question which I’ve pondered over a bit but as I mainly only go with BBW women or at least thick girls, then I don’t really know the answer.
Are BBW’s more likely to get into Anal Sex?

In my experience, most of the Asian Plumpers I go with are into it. My first experience with anal, was with a girl called Sindy whom I dated quite seriously when I was 23. I was experienced with sex and with Sindy it was good but not great … because no matter what I did, she could not orgasm! I could eat her out, suck her nipples, grind and fuck for hours and she enjoyed it but simply, didn’t cum. She couldn’t even masturbate herself to orgasm.

Sindy wasn’t a huge girl but she did have a good sized belly and ass … and not bad tits either. She was from Singapore originally and mixed, even with a bit Indian in her. I was in a position that I loved, spooning with her and we were having a bit of a rub up and down with her big, smooth ass against my cock and my hands on her round belly and tits. My cock was rubbing up and down her shaved crack tickling her vagina lips and clit. She turned around and said “You know what we’re about to do right?” …. Erm, I though we were just going to fuck … “I want to try it.”. So she ran to the bathroom to get something to lube (I can’t remember but it was probably moisturizer or something). It took a bit work but I got in on this position and started to fuck her slowly, as she started moaning. I lived her around to reverse cowgirl, taking her whole weight, reaching around to stroke her pussy with my cock deep in her virgin asshole. Obviously, her pussy was spread wide and I couldn’t believe it, it was absolutely dripping wet. More than I’d ever had with her. She’s moaning and grinding like crazy.
I only fucked her ass for a few more minutes before cumming, I was so turned on. My thighs and hands were soaked with her pussy juices. She rolled off and went off to the bathroom. She came back and was elated, almost on a high. “Gosh, that was the best ever … maybe I’m one of these “ass girls” she said sweetly. From that point on, I got my head into her pussy whenever I could – and we almos never fucked in her pussy, it was all in her ass which she loved – and so did I!

That was the beginning (I bet you never knew I could write porn!) … most of the Asian BBW girls I’ve been with, are up for doing anal sex but my friends say most girls, really aren’t !?!

Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?

February 10th, 2010

163560.large 300x199 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?

“Having big tits can be an advantage for these big girls especially this one, she’s very cute and has an innocent appeal, but deep underneath she’s kinky that’s only looking for a man to be able to put in extra hours to satisfy her. Lucky for her she’s got some guys that are willing to put in work to make that pussy wet and happy. Watch as she gets fucked by vibrators, sucks two cocks like a true champ, gets facials to the face and gets fucked hardcore style. With those tits that she has, she can titty fuck any cock she pleases and she’s damn good at it!”

Wow. I didn’t know this stuff existed until this week but there is a huge fetish in Japan for fat Japanese girls, to the point that there are many Japanese girls, specifically eating to get fat for these men. This means there are simply some of the cutest BBW Asian chicks ever.
I think this girl is one of the cutest and prettiest fat Asian babes (FAB’s) I’ve ever seen.

The downside of watching most Japanese porn is that the pussy and insertion shots are pixilated but strangely enough not the anus or anything going into it (!?!) but for me, it’s all about the overall body shape of the model and this girls body is hot. She’s actually really big and fat but it’s not distributed in as many rolls as some smaller girls, but just an immense big body. Can you imagine that ass sitting on your face? I can!

The DVD is actually called “Large Tits and Hip Beauty 2″ (still trying to find number 1) but it’s really a BBW movie. I think she looks only about 18-19 so you just know those tits and hips will get bigger!

Watch this DVD if you can. You can just watch some scenes from it on Video on Demand, streaming or download. I found the download is better quality but really the VOD is so easy for a quickie!

1364042.3.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364042.4.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364046.1.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364046.3.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364051.1.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364051.2.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364079.1.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?1364079.5.3 Could This Be the Prettiest Asian Girl Yet?

Supersized Chinese-American Here!

February 6th, 2010

“Hey Fellas
I’m Kris, from Denver. I’m 30, 5ft 3 and 250lb give or take. A large Chinese take-out here … often sweet and occassionally sour but always spicy and hot!
I’m looking for some fun. I’m in a relationship but got permission to play (alone) with select men. Ideally aged 30-55, fit, good looking and clean … and lots of energy.
I’m very very oral and love to suck as well as have you go down on me.
Also into mutual masturbation, toys/vibrators, massage and lots of fucking. Ideally a regular guy or two just for good times and of course, you must appreciate a very large girl with plenty to be stroked.
Email me at
Muuah. Kris”

dd29 175x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd30 123x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd31 120x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd33 179x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd37 214x300 Supersized Chinese American Here!dd35 300x225 Supersized Chinese American Here!

Fat Asian Girl on You Tube Treat!

February 5th, 2010

This is a bit of a treat! This Chubby Asian girl came up when I was surfing around Youtube so it’s always nice to get a surprise. I’d love to see more of her (and you know which parts I mean) but those big boobs, fat belly and jiggly bits, you know that’s the sort of fat asian babe that should be on this site!

Teedra Diora – Fat Filipino First Time Modeling

February 5th, 2010

Mmmmm-mmmmm – Teedra is a girl which was made for this site, Filipino born in the USA, this 5ft 7 (quite tall), 28 yr old stunner is pushing up to 200lb and it’s all in the curves.

She answered an ad for models on Asian American Girls – the only site that seems to go searching for this type of model!

Teedra is from

There are two sets of this BBW Filipino chick on the site and we’re still waiting on information from her. All we know is that she works in a shopping mall in Las Vegas … I’m dying to find out as I’m in Sin City fairly often. Actually, it seems like Vegas, which let’s face it, is practically Asian with the massive amount of them living there, IS the place to go for FAT ASIAN BABES!!!

The lovely BBW, Teedra Diora ! 207x300 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time 188x300 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time 200x300 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time 204x300 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time 300x198 Teedra Diora   Fat Filipino First Time Modeling

Stop Press : Asian American Girls Reduces it’s Pricing!

February 5th, 2010

My favourite site Asian American Girls has dropped it’s prices to only $24.95 a month! For that price, join for a month, download all their chubby content and it’s an asbolute bargain! I don’t know any other company which is shooting Asian fat girls, that I love, so please support them!

I’ve added a new category on this site so you can easily see the fat asian babes, that appear on Asian American Girls

Fat Asian Babes - BBW and Chubby Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai Naked!